Hylje Wear

Hylje is owned by a finnish clothing manufacturing company from Naantali. Originally from Kaarina, HYLJE was moved under ownership of Topper / Ihanvaan Oy in 2017 when Jaakko Känsälä, who used to manufacture overalls, sold the brand and the overalls to Topper / Ihanvaan Oy. Later Mia Ruusumo, the owner of Topper, continues Hylje story in Naantali, with Ruusumo Family Group Oy.

Experienced professional in uniform and working clothes business

Mia, the entrepreneur of Hylje Wear, has her background in uniform making in Topper Uniform for several years. Nowadays we have 2 employees in our office in Naantali working with Hylje Wear. Additionally, we have dressmaker’s in Estonia. The production control is organized by us. The design, product development, model sewing, storage, service and sales are in Finland, in Naantali.

Topper / Ihanvaan Oy and nowadays Hylje Wear has decades of experience in manufacturing the uniforms for authoritatives. The design and manufacturing of uniforms for demanding and changing circumstances is a big part of our busy days. This expertise is also seen in the HYLJE overalls and the users can enjoy this while wearing warm, functional, durable and high quality products.

Product Developement together with the customers

HYLJE is our only brand targeted to consumers. Our professional team is responsible of all the collections. Product development is carried out together with our customers.

A compact and customer focused sales team is responsible of sales and marketing, who you can always contact regarding to any questions of our products. You can contact us via e-mail, phone or social media. We intend to be open and responsible in all our actions. We search and develop continuously new ways to extend the life cycle of clothing and in sustainable consumption.