Our Story

Who wouldn’t want to be known as a warm, nice and reliable partner who travels with you from year to another in unforgettable adventures or endures hard cold wind while working? That is a HYLJE overall. We in Hylje Wear know what is needed when travelling in Northern circumstances and in Finnish nature. HYLJE overalls are designed in decades collaboration together with our customers and the carefully finished details take care that the overall serves the user where it is designed for.

”You never get cold in Hopeahaalari (Silver Overall).”

You can find the pefect overall from the collection which is designed in Finland and made in Estonia in several occassions: to snowmobile- and sledge adventures in extreme cold weather, to a true warmer during a trip to see the Northern Lights, as a reliable partner while ice fishing, during a fishing trip to keep you dry and warm from cold and wet weather and as a warmer during outdoors activities.

Guaranteed protection and functionality in Northern circumstances

HYLJE overalls were born in Kaarina in 1970s. Later Eelis Känsälä continued making overall under Lomatex brand. Afterwards manufacturing of the overalls was moved into Rovaniemi where they were tested by the test drivers of a local snowmobile factory. Ultimately warmest overalls were tested and noticed to be functional also during a cold war in 1985 when Sovet Union missle fell into the lake of Inari. At that time the overall kept warm the reporters and film crew of the news channel, Yle. Even since the start HYLJE -overalls has been very popular among snowmobile safaris since they have lasted the customer usage for several years.

In 1996 HYLJE overalls was sold to Luhta where the brand almost lost its story. Finally, in 2015 the son of Eelis Känsälä, Jaakko bought the brand and started manufacturing overalls under the name Suomen Laatuhaalarit as they where known in the golden ages of HYLJE. In 2017, Topper Uniform from Lieto started the ownership of these overalls. Nowadays Topper’s previous owner Mia Ruusumo continues the story of Hylje Wear in Naantali, at the unique archipelago in South-West of Finland.

Even in the time of Jaakko Känsälä HYLJE overalls were improved together with authorities. The collaborations continues even today. It quarantees that overalls passes several tests under challenging circumstances. We in Hylje Wear are very proud that the HYLJE overalls meet the needs of demanding users and lasts the use from year to another.

Our customers have been very satisfied to their HYLJE overalls during all these years. We would love to receive the user experiences and development ideas in order to manufacture even better HYLJE overalls.

”I still have an overall from the year 1986.”

Responsibility of the nature and environment

The sustainable thinking and responsibility should be an important issue to each winter person. In Hylje Wear it means long-lasting overalls which maintain the technical features during decades of use. Moreover, we give care instructions for the overalls and gladly help in maintaining them so you can enjoy your HYLJE overall as long as possible.

All out HYLJE overalls are designed in Finland and manufactured in Estonia. Our fabrics and other production materials are selected carefully respecting the environmental values. The storage and logistics are located in Naantali, near Turku where we deliver the overalls promptly to their new partners. We ponder new ways to act even more responsibly and sustainably so our planet would feel better in the future.