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Terms of Order and Delivery

Valid from 1.12.2015

Contact Details

HYLJE Wear / Ruusumo Family Group Oy
Business ID: FI32968497
Address: Palttankatu 11 B 4, 21100 Naantali, Finland
Phone: +358 500 829 029
E-mail: myynti@hyljewear.fi

Online shop

HYLJE Wear sells products for companies and adults only in Finland. The prices of the products includes value added tax (VAT 24%). We reserve the right to make changes to prices and shipping costs. If you want to order products abroad, you have any questions regarding your order or you need help placing an order, you can always contact our customer care. All the details regarding your order is sent via e-mail so we assume you will be following your e-mail when you have placed an order from us.

Most of the products in our online shop are designed and made by us. Some of the products comes from carefully selected partners.

HYLJE reserves the right to price changes without further notice. The prices can increase or decrease but the price shown at the time of the order is valid. We reserve the right to cancel the order under an obvious mistake in the price. With an obvious mistake in the price is meant when a product is priced incorrectly in online shop, so the price of the product differs clearly and significantly from the correct price of the product, or the price shown is exceptionally low in comparison to the general price level. Moreover, we reserve the right to cancel the order in special reasons.

You see the total amount of the order at the checkout, which includes value added tax and possible shipping costs. You find the full terms of the delivery and payment at the checkout.

Order delivery

Most of the products in our online shop are designed and made by us. Small amount of the products comes from carefully selected partners. The product will be delivered by parcel post to the nearest Posti office or outlet. The delivery time for parcels from our warehouse is 2 -3 weekdays. If a product or a size is out of stock, we deliver it same time as the next production batch. The availability of the stock is shown in our online shop. We reserve the right to the possible delays in deliveries.

If the product or batch is an outlet product which will not be manufactured any more, the order is handled with the stock availability at the time of the order received. In this case, a post-delivery is not possible.

A shipping costs is collected with the shipping method chosen at the time of the payment.

Payment of the order

The order with delivery costs is payed when placing the order. Online payment can be done by the following methods: Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, Eurocard, Diners Club and JCB Credit cards. With Finnish online banking: Nordea, Osuuspankki, Danske Bank, Ålandsbanken, Handelsbanken, S-Pankki, Aktia, Säästöpankki, POP Pankki or Oma Säästöpankki. With billing- or instalment companies: Collector or Jousto.

The payment intermediary and the payment service provider is Klarna (556737-0431) in cooperation with Finnish banks and credit institutions. Klarna will be the receiver of the payment in the bank account statement and in the credit card bill and forwards the payment to the merchant. Klarna has concession of a payment Institution. In reclamations we ask to contact the supplier of the product.

Klarna Suomi, Business ID: 556737-0431
Korkeavuorenkatu 34
00130 Helsinki
Klarna chat and phone service

Delay and Part Delivery

We do our best to deliver the products to you as fast as possible, but unfortunately sometimes there are delays in the deliveries. We can never guarantee that the order will be received a certain day. If the delivery of the product is delayed, we will send a notification of the order delay. If there are several products in the order we will send the products available in the stock separately. However, we try to send all the products at the same time. When we receive the product, it is a priority in the packing department and will be sent to the customer as soon as possible.


Unused HYLJE products in sales condition can be returned within 14 days from receiving the order. The product returned need to be unused with original labels and tags attached to the product. If the product is used against the duty of care in Buyer’s Law, we charge the value down to the full price of the product. The right to cancel does not include the products that are made to order for a customer or are modified for the consumers demand or to meet the personal necessities. If the product is bought from a retailer, the reclamation or a return need to be placed to the same retailer.

Please always return the product via Posti. (We do not collect returns i.e. Matkahuolto.) We do not charge for returns, but you need to pay the postage of the product returned. Please attach a carefully filled out Return Form and copy of the dispatch note with returned items. Remember to state your bank account number in order to return the amount of the purchase paid. If you return all products ordered, the shipping costs will also be returned. If only return some of the products, the shipping costs will not be returned.

Failure to collect is not an order cancellation. If you want to use the 14 days return right, you need to collect the parcel and make the return. The full amount paid by the customer, including shipping costs, will not be returned if the parcel has not been collected from the Post office and the order returns to supplier without filled Return Form. If a parcel returns back to the supplier from a Post office, we charge shipping costs of 12,40€ / delivery from re-delivering the parcel. A re-delivery will be delivered by cash on delivery and shipping costs is paid when collecting the order.

You can use the same packaging where ordered was delivered. If you have disposed the packaging you can use other packaging when returning the item. The most important thing is that you pack the returned products carefully and attach the order number, customer details and the reason of the product. If some of the details are missing, we are unable to know that the return comes from you.

Please send the returned items to the address below:
Palttankatu 11 B 4
21100 Naantali, FINLAND

If you have chosen an invoice as a payment method, it is important that you postpone the invoice due date. You can easily postpone the date in klarna.com/fi.

When we have received the return, we will notify you via e-mail and your invoice will be void for the products returned. We do not send you a new invoice, you can simply just pay the bill by decreasing the amount of the returned items from the original amount in the invoice. If you pay the amount left in the invoice before we have received the return, Klarna will send you an unnecessary contract of an instalment.

If you have paid the full amount shown in the invoice before the return, Klarna will contact you regarding a indemnity within 30 days.

If you have received a faulty or a damaged item, you need to make a reclaim to our customer care (additions information below).

Exchange Policy

You have right to exchange the same product to a different size. The product need to be unused with original labels and tags attached to the product. If the product exchanged is used against the duty of care in Buyer’s Law, we charge the value down to the full price of the product. The product exchanged need to be sent to our warehouse within 14 days of receiving the product.

Palttankatu 11 B 4
21100 Naantali, Finland

Return is done to the best way of the customer and the return costs will be paid by the customer. Please attach a carefully filled Return Form and a copy of the dispatch note with returned items. We charge shipping and handling costs 12,40€ / exchange (includes VAT 24%). The exchanged items will be delivered by a cash on delivery parcel and shipping costs are paid when collecting the parcel. If there are no new size available on stock at the time of exchange, it will be delivered by a post-delivery within 3 months.

Fault Responsibility and Reclamations

HYLJE is responsible for any defect in the product under the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act. HYLJE is responsible that the durability and quality of the products is within the same level as assumed in the similar products of other retailers. The fault responsibility does not apply if the product has been maintained against care instructions or the product has been used in circumstances or in the situations for which it is not intended. The fault responsibility does not apply in the situations where the product is broken due to careless use of the product. If the product is faulty or the size does not match the ordered, please contact our customer care, fill in the Return Form carefully and sent the form, copy of dispatch note and faulty/wrong item without delay back to HYLJE Wear warehouse:

Palttankatu 11 B 4
21100 Naantali

Primarily, the faulty items will be fixed and if it is not possible, the product will be exchanged to a new one or refunded. Products are not covered by a warranty.

Use of Personal Data

When you register to HYLJE online shop, your personal and contact data will be saved in the customer registry of Ihanvaan Oy, which owns the HYLJE brand. Your customer data of your purchase history such as order data, product details and billing information will also be saved. The Personal Data saved in the registry is used for customer care and marketing purposes.

The customer registry may include for example following details: basic information such as name, address, language, age, e-mail address, phone number and residence and the details concerning of customer relationship such as billing information, product details, ordering data, customer feedback and cancel information. The details are collected from your order history. The details of customer registry are used for customer service, marketing, segmentation, analyses of the business and statistics and to other similar purposes. Consent is always required for email and mobile marketing.

The registered has always the right to check the data saved in the registry. If there are any mistakes in the registry, you can submit a request to correct the error. The registered has also right to prohibit the controller of the registry from processing the data relating to him or her for the purposes of direct marketing. In order to registry as a customer, you need to be over 18 years old.