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Ikoni Lammin 90x0

Find the perfect overall with our four-stage thermal rating.

Kuva: Valokuvaaja Jussi Vierimaa, Turku.
Ikoni Lammin 90x0

Enjoy yourself in breathable, water and windproof overall in every weather.

Hylje Nosto Hopeahaalari 500x700
Ikoni Lammin 90x0

Make sustainable and responsible choice for years to come.

Hylje Etusivu Kuva 3 500x700

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Hylje Etusivu Kuva 4 500x700
Kuva: Valokuvaaja Jussi Vierimaa, Turku.
Hylje Nosto Snowcamo M05 Nainen 500x700
Transparent 500x700
Hylje Nosto Polar C 500x700

The Finnish winter is cold and dark. The weather conditions vary from anything between wet, horizontal sleet to biting frost. In HYLJE Wear, we believe that dressing up for cold conditions need not only offer warmth and quality but also little bit of playfulness. HYLJE -overalls and other products are designed for demanding professional and everyday use in places where winter and changeable weather conditions challenge the outdoors explorer. While wearing HYLJE overalls you can also go back to those days when all you wanted to do was to jump in the pile of fresh snow or make your garden full of snow angels. The HYLJE -overall is a responsible choice as it is designed in Finland and produced in Estonia using high quality materials. The durable HYLJE -overall is a partner for decades. When you want to enjoy the outdoors even in the hardest weather, jump into HYLJE -overall.

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